Günther Uecker

“Homage to Hafez”

Filled with the sound of poetry, of Hafes, touched deeply in the soul, exhilarated through the vivacious power of words, in a rapture the thoughts are dancing, in the descriptions, to accompany the poet on his ways’ the words turn into colours, garland him and his wondrous verses. Immersed in colours the leaves and tendrils, written pictures, jubilant in song, in life’s rapture the words shine, visions of historical presence. Sensations painted on transparent foils, a longing into the width of the infinite moment. What has been read becomes gestural, becomes expression in a dialogue. The hands, the painting instrument, the word on the tongue, read, spoken finds its sound, elated, inspiring the thoughts, they become colourful in the frenzy of painting, in signs and codes, printed on paper. The foils painted, lighted, with the squeegee the paint is pressed through a silk screen, colour on colour, on top of it the handwritten lines. The sequence of sheets layered in a book.

Günther Uecker

Werk 1
Werk 2
Werk 3
Werk 4
Werk 5
Werk 6
Werk 7
Werk 8
Werk 9
Werk 10
Werk 11
Werk 12
Werk 13
Werk 14
Werk 15
Werk 16
Werk 17
Werk 18
Werk 19
Werk 20
Werk 21
Werk 22
Werk 23
Werk 24
Werk 25
Werk 26
Werk 27
Werk 28
Werk 29
Werk 30
Werk 31
Werk 32
Werk 33
Werk 34
Werk 35
Werk 36
Werk 37
Werk 38
Werk 39
Werk 40
Werk 41
Werk 42

The artwork consists of 42 works, including 31 screen prints and 6 sand prints on the Römertum Museumskarton Antikweiß 360 g/m² as well as 5 embossed prints on handmade paper.
It is kept in an untreated handmade wooden box according to the specifications of the artist, manufactured and hand-painted by the artist.

Edition: 70 Arabic, 30 Roman, 10 Persic, numbered and signed by the artist.
Year of origin: 2015
Measurements per sheet: 70 x 100 cm

The screen and sand prints were produced by Sebastian Wendel, Reutlingen.
The embossed prints were produced by Heini Schneider, St. Gallen.